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Why cant the police just shut down the dark web?

2022-11-15 at CyberSecurity category


Contrary to myth and fable, the dark web is not a sinister place for criminals. Yes, there are criminals who use it, just like there are criminals who sell counterfeit goods through Amazon, but that doesn’t mean Amazon should be shut down.

In fact, the largest darknet, Tor, was developed by the United States Naval Research Laboratory using ideas from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, and today it is funded by the State Department, the National Science Foundation, DARPA, and Princeton University, among others. So why would the government want to shut down something the government created and continues to fund?

Dark web also does not have information such as the web in general. All movements and transactions are anonymously.

When most people spend their online time on the Surface Web platform, which is part of the World Wide Web which can be accessed with standard browsers and search engines, access to Dark Web has become easier.

Dark Web is a small part of the Deep Web, which is part of the internet that cannot be found using search engines. Part of the Deep Web includes many sites that require users to enter with a username and password.

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